Paper Towel Multifold PUR™


Paper Towel Multifold PUR™                                  

Color: White                                                          

Pack Size(s): 250/Pkg, 4000/cs                           

Sheet Size: 23cm x 24cm                                     

Economical white multifold towels for reliable performance at a low cost.

Designed to fit into a wide range of multifold dispensers, our popular economy white multifold towels help you keep costs under control. 

Low per-unit costs makes these towels an affordable choice for areas such as washrooms in government and public facilities, office buildings, foodservice facilities and lodging. 

PUR™ multifold towels offer you quality and reliable performance at a low cost. 

"All shipping outside Metro St. John's is subject to additional shipping charges depending on size, weight and location.  Scope will contact you to confirm final pricing before shipping your product."